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Dear Healthcare Professional:                                                                                                Request for Patient Referral- Click Here

Nutrition & Health/Spirituality & Wellness continues to grow in their Practice of Nutrition by promoting a lifetime commitment to connecting the dots….. of good and well-balanced nutrition to the prevention and self-management of health disparities, including diabetes. 

 Our mission is ‘Disease Prevention’. We present a unique and realistic approach to empowering individuals, families and communities to join in partnerships which foster well-deserved and appreciated lifestyle changes.

 We offer a Three-month, practical and personal uniquely designed nutrition education program for all heath disparities including Pre-Diabetes/Diabetes with guaranteed results. Taking into account personal and cultural preferences and the individual’s willingness to change, our guaranteed results reflects the following:


  • Achieving and maintaining blood glucose levels within normal range
  • Reducing the risk of heart diseases as will be reflected in normal ranges of lipid profile
  • Achieving a reduction and/or maintain A1c levels <7
  • Achieving and/or maintaining Blood Pressure level within normal or adequate range for the individual
  • Preventing and/or slowing down chronic complications
  • Reducing and/or eliminating certain medications such as insulin.
  • Weight reduction
  • Achieving and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

For individuals who are not diabetics, we also offer a Three Month practical and personal uniquely designed Nutrition Education Program for Disease Prevention and/or weight management.

NHSW, Inc. offers individual counseling, group sessions and a variety of classes for  a) the pregnant mom, b) the new mother and infant(s) under 11 months of age, c) infants approaching childhood, d) children, e) adolescents, and f) adults. We have enclosed flyers and referral forms for your convenience..

We hope by providing you, the health professional, with our guaranteed approach, you will join forces with us to prevent health disparities. We believe in the team approach, keeping an open door of communication by sending you a progress report at the end of three months on patients that you will refer to us. We look forward to working closely with you in the near future.

We do thank you.