Congratulations, you have taken this significant step toward a lifestyle change! Our services are not simply about what you eat and how to provide healthier meals. We strive to enhance your overall quality of life! Using an organic approach, we will help you to develop healthy habits by analyzing self-care behaviors and together, we will personally design a program for you that will:

  • Examine your lifestyle using spiritual awareness, relaxation response technique and other tools for empowerment
  • Identify small steps toward change
  • Maintain ownership and accountability for your lifestyle
  • Identify nutrients within food and how well they help your body
  • Identify with your body's functions relating to diet and disease
  • Identify foods you like and develop balanced meal menus
  •  Integrate fitness into your busy schedule
  • Examine the benefits that impact your lifestyle
  • Identify family fun time activities that encourage patterns of healthy lifestyle, growth, and development.
  • Nutrition Counseling

    Using the "Trans Theoretical Theory" (SMART Method) to assess stages of change, the individual will be empowered to connect the dots of healthy habits by analyzing Self-Care behaviors. (Small steps towards change.) In conjunction with the AADE7 Self-Care behaviors.

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